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Whether you have strong design ideas of your own, an established brand, or nothing more than a logo, we listen carefully and apply our website application services to the task of developing your online brand.

Whether you have strong design ideas of your own, an established brand, or nothing more than a logo, we listen carefully and apply our website application services to the task of developing your online brand. We also present several ideas on how best to display different types of content and advise on how best to bring your content to life. We have over a decade of experience creating software and website application services that empower businesses to solve their business requirements, while innovating on our existing systems.

Rapid Application Development

Technology + Design + Innovation + Quality are the combinations we at NexWEB have chosen to create perfect applications for our customers. We have the ability to provide rapid application prototype development for customers looking to develop their business model quickly and to provide them a quick solution to test their ideas.

We see the increasing trend in the use of mobile devices and the growing evolution of their features. We take advantage of our solid knowledge and expertise in the creation of mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. We have the skills to meet the growing demand for mobile and tablet apps. Have a look through our professional web design portfolio and see for yourself the kind of dedication and professionalism our clients have came to know and count on.

Portfolio Samples

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The UN International Day of Happiness Video Portal
The International Day of Happiness celebrates unity and calls on the international community to support the three pillars of sustainable development -- social, economic and environmental. As the United Nations family sets out to identify the goals for an inclusive, people-centered Post-2015 Development Agenda with the eradication of poverty as its overarching objective, I invite Member States, international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to raise public awareness of the aspirations of human beings around the world. Happiness is a fundamental human goal, and improving public policies in countries that can contribute thereto is essential to promoting equitable societies for all.
Augmate Corporation
Augmate Corporation is a next generation internet software company, we provide visual efficiency tools for businesses and consumers by merging the digital and physical worlds using eye-wear (AR Glasses) and mobile devices. We cut the tether of the laptop and break the chain of a desktop computer by placing digital information, imagery, and applications directly on top of physical world objects.

Our software architecture utilizes augmented reality on mobile devices integrating with content management software to automatically display relevant information to anyone. Our digital eye-wear approach presents information where it is needed in a user’s field of view thus making people more productive and efficient. There is a 30% efficiency gain of ‘time on task’ when information is displayed directly in a user’s view. By managing and framing information, imagery, and applications, unobtrusively, in a person’s field of view, we create an immersive internet experience that enhances the way we work and live.
TechU Angels Network
Tech U Angels Network was founded in January of 2013 by alumni of MIT to provide support and outreach to the growing MIT startup community. Our goal is to provide MIT entrepreneurs (current students and alumni) with foundational support and access to early capital which they will need to launch and build their companies during the early stages. Members of our team include active angel investors who have spent considerable time and possess experience that will be beneficial to these startups.
MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City
The MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City has for forty years supported entrepreneurs in their efforts to start and run technology-driven business ventures. We do this by delivering world-class business learning events along with opportunities to build relationships with business people who share an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship related to technology, with focus on digital media, information technology, cleantech and bioscience/healthcare.

During 2011 the organization, which is voluntary and not-for-profit, hosted 15 events, all open to the general public, each attended by 75 to 150 or more entrepreneurs, investors, business decision makers and service providers. Topics for these events included monetizing digital offerings, raising capital, cleantech, success stories of founders whose companies now generate $100 million or more, biotech, web advertising, business plan writing and pitching, wireless broadband, intellectual property and hyperlocal news.
VIP Visions is the event cinema and photo service provider in New York
VIP Visions is the event cinema and photo service provider in New York. We specialize in preproduction, production and post-production video, photo and e-media services for families, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. We are your one stop shop for all your media needs. Our company provides only the best professional services. Our proffesional staff is always dedicated to entertain a wide variety of audiences. We are well-priced and highly committed to understand and accommodate our clients production need and requests. At VIP Vision our client is in the director’s seat! We believe in the true unity of art and technology through the combinations of creativity, innovation and the right skills to utilize high quality equipment. We speak in terms you can understand and get the job done. Bounded & Insured.
Cross Hudson MD
Although in the past plastic surgery was reserved solely for the correction of disfigurements, today plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery has become one of the most familiar and prevalent of all medical procedures. The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a highly personal and important one; however, no less important is your choice of surgeon. After all, the results will likely depend upon the surgeon’s ability, expertise, and direct experience with the procedure.

Dr.Mordkovich is happy to discuss any medical issue that may be helped by cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. An engaged and involved patient is the most informed: any questions and inquiries are encouraged, and every effort is made to provide you with the information you need to make your choices easier and your options clearer.
Light spectrum technology is a long-lasting and most importantly a safer way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, leaving skin feeling smooth and healthy.
Green Tree Textiles
Green Tree was founded to collect unwanted textile materials including clothing, shoes, accessories and household linens that would otherwise go to already overburdened landfills. Our recycling services support the disadvantaged, the homeless, those in transition, and the environment. Most people have absolutely no idea how much they actually waste every day. Our landfills are over-loaded with computers, phones, batteries, food, furniture, art, dishware and clothing long before the lifecycle of these items is complete. Green Tree is coming to the rescue!
VIP Engrave
Alex Ostrogradsky’s engraving services offers clients a level of hand craftsmanship and personal service rarely found today. Weather you are looking to engrave or restore vintage or precious metal item, over 30 years of experience in metal engraving and jewelry making work together to produce the highest quality results.