Cloud Computing Solutions

We can be your strategic partner in assessing and developing a cloud strategy for your company or organization.
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We can deliver Cloud Computing Solutions that have a number of advantages for businesses over the traditional way of providing services. These benefits are cost-saving, device and location independence, scalability, reliability, performance, utilization of resources, and security. Today cloud computing is becoming a common way of delivering services via the Internet. Cloud service can be accessed from anywhere on the web, including your desktop web browser, mobile phone, tablet PC, or even TV. NexWEB offers the following Cloud Computing Solutions:

Cloud Strategy and Consulting:

We can be your strategic partner in assessing and developing a cloud strategy for your company or organization. Our cloud strategy and consulting services include:

  • Cloud Adoption Strategy and Roadmap
  • Architect Amazon Web Service Solutions
  • Engineer Amazon Web Services Solutions
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics and Financial Assessments

Our technology assessment is the baseline for your organization’s move to the cloud. The assessment will map out potential cloud technology and solutions as well as rank how your company compares to your competitors. We will assess how efficiently your business is running, how effectively your resources are being utilized, and how technology is being used to accomplish your strategic goals. The technology assessment includes:

Cloud Full Assessment:

  • Technical and Business Process Analysis
  • Deep Dive Technical Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Recommendations on what to move to the cloud, and what should remain on-premise
  • Priority Order
  • Timeline
  • Risk Assessment

Cloud System Architecture:

  • Network and System Documentation
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Assessment of Existing Hardware for Running Current Operating Systems and Software

Cloud Computing Hosting:

Reliable and scalable hosting is part of our outstanding customer service. Are your sites loading quickly? Is the administrative interface easy to work with and configurable to your needs? Is someone overseeing your hosting to ensure it’s always up and running? We offer our clients compelling dedicated hosting solutions.

  • Fast connection with the option of dedicated bandwidth
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring ensuring constant availability
  • Failover device that redirects visitors to a mirrored version of your website in case of hardware failure
  • Industrial-strength firewall offering protection from damage to our network by hackers

Cloud Computing Maintenance:

We can increase the performance of your site – guaranteed! Let us do the necessary optimization to ensure your site is fully equipped to handle your traffic and customer service queries. We’ll also improve your overall site performance, stability and robustness. To learn more about us and our cloud computing solutions, please contact us so that we can show you how we can make your cloud computing solution a success.


We ensure to deliver a cost-effective solution that can create an environment of profitability & growth by adopting a progressive approach to technology & marketing techniques.