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Manufacturing is a process-intensive industry and has a great demand for automation and device implementation. It is already leveraging a wide range of sophisticated technologies such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, etc. for improving operational needs, reducing human intervention, and minimizing errors. AR & VR has streamlined various manufacturing processes and enabled smooth functioning. It is also helpful in identifying any possible risks. Similarly, Augmented Reality has enabled a positive and advanced change in manufacturing processes allowing efficient production and better innovation.

Our blockchain solutions help the manufacturing industry players to streamline the supply chains and track assets for efficient and effective models. AR & VR offers limitless possibilities in manufacturing, ranging from development to maintenance and timely identification of errors. The prototypes developed by using AR offer great in-depths about the product possibilities and its limitations.

Retail and E-commerce


E-commerce technological trends are putting a significant impact on retailing and shopping practices. It is expected to continue with the encounter of new consumer demands and constant shift from desktop to mobile devices. User-friendly mobile & web applications are an essential technology for e-commerce to deal with the rising number of customers and increasing competition. It provides a highly accessible experience to the customers to place orders and make purchases. Such e-commerce applications are being transformed with AR/ VR/ MR technologies to enhance the interactivity of the shopping experience. Such technologies are helping retailers to make intuitive, friendly, and satisfying shopping experiences.

We possess technological expertise to develop and deliver extensive, immersive, and customized e-commerce applications to meet personalized interest of our clients. Our blockchain developers are able to develop a decentralized online buying and selling platform, and enable users to share and secure digital assets.

Health Industry


The Healthcare industry has experienced a cutting-edge technological advancement after COVID-19 pandemic. To deal with progress in health data, machine learning advancements are there. It helps to make health predictions and identify symptomatic individuals. AI are improving efficiency of decision making and information processing. Along with this, AI not just supports physical health but also tracks mental health in correlation with pandemics. It is potent to transform the understanding of mental health of larger populations. Blockchain helps healthcare researchers to uncover genetic code through secure transfer of patient medical records, manage drug supply chains, and facilitate safe transfer of medical records. Medical students in advanced settings are utilizing the capabilities of visualization through AR & VR technology.
The visual impact of various diseases on the human body in a virtual representation offers great education insight to the common man. Moreover, the technological devices created using AR & VR technology enable doctors and medical staff to identify the problem more precisely, discussing it in a virtual environment and devising effective treatment plans.

Real Estate


We are transforming the real estate sector with Blockchain, AR and VR-based application development services. Such technologies can extend the user experience beyond the imagination and capabilities of the industry players to generate frequent sales.

Blockchain Technology can be used to secure transactions and ensure no tampering impacts on the financial records. AR/VR/ MR applications are being used to create interactive experiences and influence consumer purchase decision making by visualizing future real-estate with their devices. Even AR designs the furniture to be placed in the virtual properties what provides an idea to the buyers about the inside view of the property. Moreover, AR/ VR technologies can make interior and exterior architecture of unbuilt properties that help the buying and selling parties to make deals quicker. Overall, both technologies can help real-estate companies to close the deals with lesser efforts.



They say the more you see, the more you adapt, and there is no better way to learn than creative learning. AR & VR makes learning fun and more effective as it projects the images and creates a virtual environment that boosts the learning ability and its efficacy. AR & VR powered solutions boost student engagement and their ability to understand and implement various concepts.

The advent of AR & VR implementation happened a long time back and today, technologies like Google Cardboard and VR powered headsets are common practices in educational environments.

The possibilities are not only limited to the classrooms, but schools are now organizing virtual reality powered field trips and virtual trips to places of educational value with minimum efforts.

Enterprise IT


The benefits that AR & VR offers to Enterprises is beyond description. Right from real-life yet distant video conferencing to easy compilation of the all the documents and important data, AR & VR has changed how businesses operate in today’s world. AR gives incredible platform to businesses to connect with their customers and boost engagement. It has simplified processes while boosting the overall productivity of the organization.

The extent of AR’s prowess to simplify hard-core data compiling and delivering augmented environment for creative training and development makes it a need for business growth. Investing in an AR application must be on the top agenda of every progressive business as reports suggest that by 2022 over $117.4 billion worth AR technology and app would be successfully running in the market, with effective implications for enterprises.